Red Letters by Krystina Stevens – @KrystinaStevens

6556781 ABOUT: Tania Lane is a young woman in suburban Connecticut who has fallen unwillingly into a routine of boredom. Her fiancé Martin, an ambitious investment banker, spends most days and many late evenings in New York City on business, leaving Tania alone in an upscale Westport, CT neighborhood. One fall day, an anonymous red envelope turns up in the mail addressed to Tania suddenly she has intrigue and mystery in her life. The envelope contains a single slip of red parchment paper that bears one handwritten phrase: “You are beautiful.”Tania’s excitement turns to desire. And when her mysterious admirer knocks on the door, her world is turned completely upside down. But Tania’s fantasy admirer may not be all that he seems. Desire can have consequences,

REVIEW: This is my second read of Krystina’s – I read Lust & Larceny and was not thrilled at all, actually I really didn’t like it. However, Red Letters was really, really good. What a different book! Great drama! This was a real story, outside the box for the steamy read’s. There was tension, suspense, edge of your seat story line. When you think you have it you don’t.. it was like a gripping thriller type movie, lots of intrigue… just the right sexiness, lust, want and need. “Red Letters” are of course apparent to the plot, but they draw you in and are not necessarily what you thought they were. Very pleased with this book; would love to see more like this. You will enjoy this, I have no doubt, and you want to know the end….

VERDICT: Nice change up!



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