The Ravishing by John Satisfy – @jsatisfiction

70304975d38575c7ad42135f78f3eaa72f5fb387-thumb ABOUT: I want you and you are ready to submit to my wants. The Ravishing documents the night that I came to visit you, tie you up, and have my way, making you come multiple times for my pleasure. This is a light Bondage story.
MARILYN’S REVIEW: This is a very difficult book to review; there are no characters but reference of “you & me.” This style of sex would not be for all, the knowing your partner could interpret so completely is a turn on in itself, this tell me books like this need to be told by each partner, whether sweet loving making or perhaps more erotic sex or even towards the BDSM like this story. The pure sultry description of feeling and lust and expression is just fabulous..I can personally say I wouldn’t mind hearing it. Thank You John Satisfy for relishing and ravishing us.
VERDICT: Not for everyone


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