Fantasy Encounter with a Dom by Suzy Ayers – @SuzyAyers

B00D0LUO7U_01_LZZZZZZZABOUT: Keira and Tim’s sex life is more then lacking; it’s all but non-existent for Keira. Unknown even to her, she’s in this downward spiral of depression. Her body has betrayed her and maybe her husband is aloof or unsure what to do. She knows that the mixture of pain/pleasure of BDSM excites her and it seems to be the only way for her to achieve orgasm. Keira meets a submissive over the internet and somehow she must convince her husband that they should be trained by a Dom/sub couple in the UK.

MARILYN’S REVIEW:This is a tough one for me, because on one hand it hits home for me, because I have issues with my own body that prevents sex to not always be pleasurable but actually painful. SO that was beyond refreshing to read, made me feel not alone. But at the same time this story was a little bit to much BDSM for me, and the thoughts of learning from another couple, I just don’t know if that would be for me. Though it might be for others. Keira a reader of erotica and potential author of erotica as well did relieve me to see that the reading does help in your own sexual arousal. Suzy Ayers, writes with realizism and depth. But I’m not sure this particular story is for everyone. I might in the end say it wasn’t quite for me.

VERDICT: this one not really me

RATING: 2stars


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