Conference Cupid by Eden Elgabri

2940044785540_p0_v2_s260x420ABOUT: Devin Barnett wishes the onslaught of romance writers hadn’t invaded his hotel. Until he sees his high school fantasy, Keary Galloway – alone, divorced, and longing for physical thrills. But can he masquerade as a cover model? Will satisfying their sexual needs for the duration of the conference be enough to get her out of his system? Or will he lust for more?
MARILYN’S REVIEW: I found ‘Conference Cupid’ enjoyable because it’s all about an up and coming romance author attending a book conference. The story revolves around this conference and in the grand scheme of things and how this genre of reading has exploded, it’s timing was kind of Great! Keary the aspiring author joins friends and fellow romance writers at a book conference, not knowing the hotel owner is someone she met many years ago in her youth. Devin has had Keary on his mind for years and just can’t believe he’s about to see her for a whole weekend, because his hotel is hosting a romance book conference, for authors that writer of romance stories. His cousin Pete is also there this particular weekend, as a book cover model, looking so much alike they decided to tease the woman and both pose as book cover models. For Devin this is his way to see and reconnect with Keary. Keary’s friends are trying to get her back into the dating scene, after a divorce they want her to get back into the game. She of course gets her picture taken with almost double image of each other hunky book models, not knowing she actually know’s one of them. She connects with Devin, and is soon swept of her feet into a hot weekend romance, how will she feel after she learns he’s been playing to be someone else…. A quick read, with just the right amount of spice real enjoyable read.

VERDICT: Quick Nice Read



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