Bent By HB Heinzer – @HBHeinzer

BENT COVER ABOUT: If there’s one thing Julia Wilson has learned in life, it’s that you can’t push your own dreams to the background for anyone. Newly divorced, Julia returns to the hometown she once swore would never return too. Her plan is simple; enjoy the cheap rent her friend is offering and stay just long enough to develop a plan to make her own dreams come true. It doesn’t take long before Julia realizes she’s made a big mistake. Micah Anderson came closer to breaking Julia than anyone else ever had. After promising her forever, he broke her heart the week before she left for college. Now, Julia’s back in town and he’s going to have to tell her the truth about why he left her. It’s not possible to hide a twelve year old child when you live in a town of 5,000 people. Is following her dreams worth it if it means giving up on a second chance with her first love? Is trying to make a relationship work worth it if his past becomes a threat to her safety?

MARILYN’S REVIEW: So I’m sure everyone thinks I rate everything 5 stars – No I don’t LOL – But again I choose a 5 star rating for ‘Bent.’ There’s a lot of real life circumstances in this story that are vital to a woman and her total self. Julia was previously married for a good period of time. After ending her marriage, she feels the need to return home regroup and more importantly find herself. She had gone from a long high school relationship that ended with a broken heart, To a marriage that wasn’t really meant to be at all and ended thou it truly never began. Julia needs to find Julia – her needs, her wants, her life – she feels she’s never done anything she truly wanted. Returning back to her home town she runs into Micah her long term High School relationship that ended with her with crushed and broken heart. Julia also never really new the true story of the real reason for the break-up other then Micah felt a long distance relationship just wouldn’t work, with that decision firm in place he also turns to another woman. Once back in her home town Julia reconnects with many friends and family and just feels great being back somewhere well known, until she runs into Micah. Can she still have those feels from before even with all the time that has past. Friends are telling her that he’s been through a tough time over the years, but are not giving specifics. Julia amd Micah do reconnect as much as she wants to deny the feelings she has, she just can’t and he has never lost those feelings for her. Things have changed in Micah’s life thou he is now a single father of Caleb his son who is 12 years old. Caleb is the creation of that one night mistake, but being a stand up man he marries Karen, Calebs’ mother. However, this relationship was doomed from the start because she was and never would be Julia. I found many times in this story that I just wanted to yell at Julia, she put up so many barriers for herself, can’t be, couldn’t be, won’t be. She can’t seem to even allow herself to the possibility that it could be. Though the 2 become closer through out the story, she feels she just can’t make this commitment because she still doesn’t know herself. Caleb through’s a wrench into this situation, because one thing Julia has never thought of is being a mother and she is so drawn to this boy it’s just confusing her. She leaves them, after a horrific encounter with Micah’s ex Karen physically and emotionally when she trashes her home, Julia runs far away. Takes a job in New York, insists she needs to find herself… Does she. Of course and we have a happily ever after ending. But this is true to so many woman out there. We tend to forget sometimes about our own needs, goals and wants. But can so easily through it away because it’s truly been right there, and yes it can be just that simple. Sweet is just a perfect way to describe this story, sex not hot and steamy but works it the grand scheme of the entire story… we most definitely can have continuation to this story itself and even a spin-off story, Which I truly hope we get both. Well done and I Loved it, what can I say.

Sweet & Mushy


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