Castilian Heat by Monica Hart – @MonicaKHart

castilian_heat-new 3ABOUT: Sheila Donahue’s staid life as a PhD translator struggling to make ends meet in New York is turned upside down when she meets billionaire investor Cruz Terranova, a brooding Spaniard with a dark secret. Her ordinarily uneventful existence transforms into a dizzy adventure of forbidden love and intrigue when Manhattan Irish cool collides with Spanish passion. Castilian Heat is a lusty international romp that fans of 50 Shades of Gray, Bella Andre and Barbara Freethy are sure to enjoy.
MARILYN’S REVIEW: Boy where to start, so good and similar to many but with great story line twist and you know there will be more to come. Sheila and Cruz are our main characters, connected by a job. Cruz hires Sheila as a translator to help him with a business acquisition, he wants to make sure do to with potential language issues that nothing gets slipped up in wording. Sheila has much on her daily plate, she takes care of her sister that is ill and needs much care and help, so she take this short term job, to help bank some money for the just in case needs and a little breathing room. Sheila has not had many relationships but with the few that she has had she has never fully experience of pleasurable sex. The heart and chemistry with Cruz is instant and all consuming for both. This weeks work that she has been hired for also takes place during hurricane Sandy which of course brings it’s own issues. Curz other then being the gorgeous hot hunky male lead brings his own back story, being part of a family feud in the likes of the international mafia. Danger lurks around every corner and any given time for him and soon for Sheila too. It is a edge of your set read, hot and sensual sex scenes, real life happenings, something you can see coming but more that just leaves your needing more. If I had one complaint that I must bring up – is my love / mi amor is used almost too much, sickly sweet if that makes sense, But the story is so different and good that by the end I just didn’t care…. LOL – Good Job Ms Hart I anxiously await more.

VERDICT:– Great Change Up!!!



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