Just One Night, Part One: The Stranger by Kyra Davis – @_KyraDavis

Just One Night- The Stranger ABOUT: Kasie knows who she’s supposed to be. But one passionate night with a mysterious stranger will teach her who she wants to be. You should sleep with a stranger, her best friend whispers in her ear as they take to Vegas for one last pre-wedding fling. Despite her best intentions, when Kasie Fitzgerald enters the casino and sees him, a man whose tailored clothes belied a powerful, even dangerous, presence, she loses herself to the moment. Maybe it’s the dress, much shorter than she’d ever normally wear, or the Scotch, but something makes her give herself over to him more completely than she’s ever done with a man before.
It was supposed to be just one night. But right as she’s thinking she wants more, he shows up in her office with an agenda. As the billionaire CEO of a company that’s engaged her PR firm, his demands just became her reality…and he desires so much more than just some attention in the boardroom.

MARILYN’S REVIEW: Most definitely that show’s your not always sure what you want to what you truly want, do you ever really know yourself?? And what if you realize, what you think was right turns out to be completely wrong, will you risk the sure thing to the unknown.. Is the risk worth taking. Kasie, Dave and Robert are our main characters in this story. Kasie and Dave have been together for years, they are comfortable secure a sure things? Thou words of marriage have not been spoken it is almost assumed, is that enough for Kasie. A friend Simone suggested that she have that last fling hence “The Stranger’ what better place to find this hot man then in Las Vegas let alone at the Venetian Hotel, were the rich play. This is where Kasie meets Robert Dade and the sparks fly as does the clothes…. Kasie returns to normal life, thinking that was extremely hot and yet surprisingly tender but it’s done it’s over, mission accomplished. But of course it can’t be that simple, Now back at wotk with a new accountant being given to her by her boss, she is in PR. Maned Wolf Security Systems, Kasie is to show them their strengths weakness among the business, she’s being given a lead. Why, because she was personally asked for by the companies CEO Robert Dade. This can’t be happening, but it’s ok she will do her job and that’s all. But it’s just not that sut and dry the attraction and chemistry of that ‘Just One Night’ brings it’s own challenge. They just can’t seem to end up naked and physically connecting, the sexual tension is to strong. As the story continues Kasie learns more about herself what she has and what she’s never realized she wants. Can or should she give up Dave, can she keep Robert is it more the just physical attraction… When coming to the decision that Robert is the right person regardless that she has excepted Dave’s proposal and ring… She decides to risk it all and just go for ‘The Stranger’ – can it be even possible. No, which is why we have a part 2 & 3.. Never under estimate the fiancee… Story is great, you don’t see the end coming at all but leaves us waiting for more.. But I can’t wait for more. Well Done Kyra Davis I am a fan.

VERDICT: Finished & purchased Part 2 & 3 immediately!!



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