Rating Policy

We are never compensated for a review here and we will always post our most honest and true feelings about a book. Our reviews are our own personal opinions about the book and do not reflect personal feelings about the author and/or publisher. While we may love the book, others may feel differently and vice versa. Please note that acceptance of a book does not guarantee a review. We will always stay in touch with the author and if you haven’t heard back from us, please do not hesitate to send another email.

Rating System:
We use a 5-star rating scale with half stars in between. However, once we get below 3 stars, we will no longer use half stars.
*We will generally follow the Goodreads rating system, however, we feel that at times there are in between ratings where a book deserves a little extra *oomph*

5stars   One of the best books we have ever read! We loved it!

4halfstars   It was excellent! (almost a perfect read).

4stars   It was a very good read!

3halfstars   Liked it, almost really liked it but there was something missing!

3stars   It was pretty good!

2stars   Wasn’t a fan at all of this one.

1star   Really didn’t like it.

DNF – Did Not Finish


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